“But someone told me that 20” bikes...”

Forget what someone told you! i:SY riders know exactly what is meant by this; riding an i:SY is pure fun, a zest for life and simply unforgettable! For those who haven't experienced this themselves, shouldn't make a judgement.

One-size-fits-all: a frame for almost everyone. Is that possible?

With the i:SY yes! The i:SY has a one-size-fits-all frame; the well thought out geometry makes this possible. The frame “grows” in length and thus fits riders between 150 - 190 cm; the shallow seat tube angle and comparatively long top tube make this possible.

Don't you have to pedal more with small wheels?

No. The gear ratio has been adapted to the smaller wheels.

Isn't it unsafe to ride on small wheels?

No. Exactly the opposite: due to its low center of gravity, the i:SY is extremely safe to maneuver even in difficult situations and on bad surfaces like forest trails, gravel walks, sandy paths and cobblestone.

And even riding at faster speeds (i.e. downhill) isn't a problem for the i:SY.

Don't wider tires roll worse?

No. Simply said: wide tires with a shorter contact patch roll better than a narrow tire with a longer  contact patch. At i:SY though, we use the balloon tire principle by minimizing the tire pressure so that on the one hand, the rolling characteristics aren't really reduced; on the other hand, we intentionally increase the riding comfort through “air suspension”. Thus, depending on the weight of the rider, we recommend setting the tire pressure between 1.8-2.0 bar on the front tire and 2.0-2.8 bar on the back tire. Its recommended to check and adjust the tire pressure every four weeks. Its normal that tires loose some air on all bikes.

Is it possible to ride the i:SY for longer distances?

Yes, of course. You can ride an i:SY problem-free for longer distances. The sit position is comfortable. And, because of the shallow seat tube angle, the flow of power is very good. For this reason, you can use the i:SY for longer tours or bike trips.

Is it possible to use panniers, or would you hit them with your heels?

The i:SY has the wheelbase of a normal 28” bike and the chainstays are also long. Thus, you can even use the large Ortlieb panniers – they're far enough away from the ground!

How come it's not possible to fold the frame on the i:SY?

At i:SY we intentionally decided against building a mainframe with a folding mechanism. For one, it weakens the construction concerning stiffness. Secondly, a folding bike is less easy to handle: the weight is the same but it doesn't roll as well. And, to store it, you need a lot of strength or a second person, whereby an i:SY can easily be transported in several types of cars.

Why do we use a Bosch mid-drive motor on the i:SY?

We believe Bosch motors are a good choice, also for long-term use. Bosch is a German company with a rich tradition and an incredible organizational structure. Manufacturers and dealers are always being trained and receive perfect support. Every i:SY dealer can update the motor software. For each inspection, the Bosch diagnosis software provides information on the functionality of the entire system. Furthermore, the Bosch system is popular worldwide - almost every pedelec dealer in Europe is familiar with it.

How far can someone ride with a full charged battery?

This depends on a number of factors starting from the weight of the rider to which drive mode is used; it also depends extremely on the terrain (there is a big difference between riding on flat or hilly terrain). Wind is also a factor. We recommend that you consider the energy output and use the recommended drive mode on the display: This way you can increase your range. Also, before every tour, we recommend that you use the RESET button to keep better track of your range. This is more relaxing!

How long is the battery life?

Bosch batteries have a long life quality which is noticeable right from the start: lightweight, high-quality cells, no self-discharge, a fast charging time and long life. We expect the battery life to last five years with normal use. Afterwards, it always serves as a good back-up battery.

How long does it take for the battery to charge?

The charger charges with up to 4 amps; this makes the charging time very fast. A complete charge (when the battery is empty) takes about 4 hours for a 400WH battery and 5 hours for a 500WH battery. You can always just partially charge a battery which won't damage it.

Tip: Definitely take your charger with you on longer tours. Its worth charging the battery during a lunch or coffee break.