Love it!

Fall in love with the very special i:SY feeling!

More quality of life

Be outdoors, discover new things, live healthy, stay fit. Cycling means a better quality of life and happy moments - whether you cycle alone or with friends.

When headwind is fun

Headwind, steep hills or high mountains – no longer a problem. On the contrary: you will love it. With the i:SY you will cycle considerably more and ride on totally new trails.Experience the ease of cycling!

One Size

Thanks to its one-size-fits-all frame design and quick adjustability, the i:SY can be used by almost anyone and inspires the whole family!

Always mobile

Whether you start from home, with public transportation or in combination with your car, you'll enjoy both short and long tours on your i:SY. A bike for everyone.

i:SY for everyday life and work

Cycle fast, stress and sweat-free to an appointment or to work. The i:SY is suitable for almost all occasions; it doesn't take up much space thanks to its compact design and is easy to transport – even for people who commute by train.

With the i:SY on the go

The perfect compact bike for skippers, globe-trotters and people who want to explore winding roads. The i:SY offers a wide range of activity not only for campers and recreational sailors.

Getting around by bike despite constraints

Riders with disabilities exploit new opportunities with the i:SY; its ideal for rides with a stronger partner or to keep up in your cycling clique.