Two companies that fit together: i:SY and Hartje

Since 2014, the company Hartje out of Hoya/Weser, Germany, has taken over the production and sales for i:SY. The long-established company manufactures all i:SY models on-site; a new assembly line was setup just for this. Powder coating is also done on the i:SY frames in Hoya, directly next door in the paint shop that was built in 2016.

Only a few companies

look back on such a long and successful tradition like Hermann Hartje KG.

The Hermann Hartje KG has about 550 employees and 100 seasonal workers at its headquarters in Hoya/Weser, Germany; there are about another 250 employees in its regional sales offices that competently support dealers in their region.

In addition to Hartje's headquarters in Hoya/Weser, Germany, the company has 16 smaller locations in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Our company credo

was and always will be based on the cornerstones of continuity, business relationships and open-mindedness for new innovations.