The Vision

Martin Kuhlmeier is the founder of i:SY. He wanted to do something different and fully thought over the design of the bike.

Martin Kuhlmeier

“For me, i:SY means a pure joy of living.”

The early bird...

In the middle of the forest is where Martin's career as a bicycle maker began. He was 10 years old and had the dream of winning a bicycle race, which he built his first bike for. He won and never raced again but by all means, continued designing bicycles.

This is how ideas are born

For new ideas, the designer needs his iPad and a good espresso. Otherwise, a good eye helps him with ideas for small things like how to get something to function better.

i:SY going

Martin Kuhlmeier is living his childhood dream with the i:SY; anyone who has ridden it once experiences pure pleasure. How did he manage to achieve this? Learn more under the i:SY principle. How does it feel? You can read about it under i:SY feeling. Or even better: simply try it out yourself.