Ride it!

The i:SY was especially designed to ensure a pleasant riding experience. Only one thing helps to find this out: ride!

One Size

A frame size for (almost) everyone. The i:SY has a one-size-fits-all frame; the perfectly well thought out geometry makes this possible. The frame “grows” in length and thus fits riders between 150 - 190 cm.

Low Center of Gravity

Its low center of gravity and wide balloon tires make the i:SY particularly safe. Even inexperienced riders feel comfortable and safe right away.

Stiff Frame

The stiff frame makes the i:SY extremely stable even when carrying both front and rear loads.

Power output

The i:SY's shallow seat tube angle puts the rider in an upright position enabling optimal power output. The power is transferred by pedalling from the back of the pedal; this is noticeable – not only on the mountain.

Gear Ratio

The adapted gear ratio ensures a normal cadence like on a 26” or 28” bike.

Compact Bike Concept

The i:SY captivates with its 20" compact design that takes up little space and provides increased portability. Without tools, the Speedlifter Twist enables handlebars to be rotated up to  180° and the pedals can be folded – compact and practical!

Balloon Tires

The wide balloon tires provide suspension comfort with outstanding rolling characteristics; combined with the i:SY's low center of gravity, you're guaranteed to experience fun safely even on forest or gravel roads.


The small and lightweight 20" wheels are capable of incredible acceleration.

Unisex Design

Its award-winning design and distinct low entry frame shape with an integrated carry handle is equally popular among riders.

Pleasure of Riding

Expect the unexpected: you'll experience the i:SY with ultimate riding fun – we promise!